B2B Social Media Content Creation & Management

Posting with a purpose and a strategy requires great content.  Social media is not an isolated channel.  It must work in conjunction with your overall content marketing strategy as a key channel for repurposing your longer-form, high authority content.

B2B Content Marketing Strategy & Implementation


Great Content Fuels Great Social Feeds

It all starts with writing the best content in your industry.  Expert, Authoritative & Trustworthy (EAT).

We generate the ideas for you driven by keywords so all your content is SEO-optimized to attract and convert your target buyers.

Your EAT content becomes the basis to repurpose the nuggets as social media posts to generate attention and drive traffic.


Fully Managed

You'll get a social media publishing calendar we can create for you.  All posts are optimized based on the target social network.  Once you approve, we automate the publishing of posts across all your social channels.

All included in our subscription package.



OKRs (Objectives/Key Results) are created in collaboration with your team.  Then we'll create a dashboard to track the results.

Over time we'll help you identify the winners where the ideal content meets the ideal social channel where you buyers are paying attention.

How it Works

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It's All About The Pillar Page

Everything starts with your most authoritative piece of content, your pillar page. If done right, there should be enough great content in that single post to produce dozens of derivative social posts.


Break Blog Content Into Social Posts

Writing authoritative content creates the foundation to repurpose that content into smaller deriviative social posts.



Not all social networks are the same. Some, Twitter, for example, are more short form. Others, like Facebook can support more content. We take into account the audience and format for each post to maximize the opportunities to attract the attention of your target buyers.

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Once the content is all written, we create a social editorial calendar as a master document to show exactly what is being posted on each social channel and when.


Loaded and Automated

We take the final, approved calendar and load it into a social posting app which automates the posts and measures the results.

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Analyze & Measure

Over time, trends emerge. We'll analyze the results, in relation to your key goal. For example, if you're looking at conversions/leads, we'll measure the impact of each message and channel on that metric and optimize for channel/message fit.

I Want More Buyers

Content Marketing Is At The Heart of Digital Marketing

Let's learn more about your growth goals and what you want from a content marketing program. Then, if there's a fit, we will offer to create a free comprehensive, custom content strategy playbook for you.  It's free to keep with no commitments.

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