Cost Per Read


Get Your Content Read

Download's rarely get read.  This hurts your ability to connect your company's unique ideas with early, agile buyers.  With our Cost Per Read (CPR) program, we work with you to define what qualifies as a read document and gate the content at that point.  It only counts as a lead if the content gets read.


Soft Gate Your Content

Gated landing pages can repel up to 90% of the initial interest in your company and ideas.  Get rid of gated landing pages and allow anyone with interest to start reading your content.  This will dramatically increase your lead intake and screen out buyers who are not interested in your ideas and offerings.


Go Interactive

97% of B2B buyers in a 2018 DemandGen Report survey said they prefer interactive content to static.  Soft gate and interactive are the best ways to get your content consumed and convert more early, agile buyers.

cost per read
It's Easy! We Convert Your Content For You

We take your high performing content and convert it to interactive and soft gate it for you. We can create interactive PDFs/White Papers, Assessments, Quizzes, Chat-Bots and Challenges based on your existing ideas

Ask Sales Qualifying Questions

Soft-gated content with interactive features is the the closest you'll come to sitting across the table from the prospect. The best time to ask sales qualifying questions is not on a landing page, but inside the reading experience. On average 45% of readers who start interactive content complete it.

You Define What a 'Read' Is

We'll work with you to decide at what places in the content piece you want to place the 'gate' or form questions to qualify as a read. It might be at the executive summary, or at the end, you can decide.


Is your content reaching the right buyers? We can help.

Accelerate your buying process through the consistent flow of quality leads backed by layered intent, interactive content, soft-gating strategies and more.