Digital Marketing Consultation


Your Lead Gen Machine

New to B2B lead generation or looking to refresh an underperforming campaign, BloomKing will do all the work required to plan and execute a B2B lead generation strategy.



Relax, we’ve got you covered.  We’ll have a series of meaningful discovery calls and present a unified plan to use your content to generate B2B leads.  We’ll do the planning and execution, you get the leads and related analytics in a single dashboard.


All Costs Built Into The Lead

With BloomKing there are no project or fixed fees.  You pay for our digital consulting services by buying the leads that are generated from your campaign that we design.  As many leads as you need at a pre-determined cost per lead.

 digital marketing consultation
Each Plan is Custom

We’ll meet with your team to discuss your lead gen goals, your ideal customer profile, and what messages you want the market to hear. We’ll create a strategy based on your needs.

Tech Stack and Tactics

Based on the strategy, we’ll create a stack of technologies and processes that will be used including creating interactive content, a media plan for generating an audience, CRM and analytics to intake the leads, convert them to pipeline, and use AI and analytics to see what works and what should be repeated.

Performance Based Budget

We do all of this on a Cost Per Lead (CPL) or Cost Per Read (for more highly qualified leads) basis. That means your budget = (number of leads required) x (cost per lead).


Do you want a reliable flow of high quality leads to delight your sales team? We can help.

Accelerate your buying process through the consistent flow of quality leads backed by interactive content, innovative lead capture tactics, and multi-channel promotion