Free B2B Interactive Content Creation and Syndication

To help you during these uncertain times, we offering a way to stay engaged with your ABM or target buyers. We'll create for you an interactive white paper, quiz, assessment or survey and syndicate it* for you - at no cost, no upsell, no pressure. We do all the work and give you back a weekly report for your CRM system of the readers who engaged.

Every day are you trying to figure out 'what now?'.  Remote work home IP addresses have blown up ABM website tracking.  How do you keep up touches with your ABM list?  What do you say to them?

We can help with interactive content! We'll create an interactive engagement for you then promote/syndicate* it to your ABM list.

*The only qualifier is that to syndicate the content, your product or service must align with our syndication network, which is ideal for complex B2B products with a high lifetime value, and multiple buying committee members.

The interactive content piece and resulting engagement data are owned by you. You also get free consulting on best practices that we've seen working today.

The BloomKing Agency has worked with a who's who of technology companies to drive their content marketing and lead gen initiatives to supply a regular flow of high quality leads to top brands including Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe, IBM, and Microsoft.

We'd like to use this experience to help you understand your next steps and messaging by asking your prospects directly, 'what can we do to help you?'.

With this special program you get

Interactive content creation

Give us ideas for issues relevant to your industry.  We'll help you come up with the questions and create the assessment for you, with your branding, including your domain.

Syndication to your audience

If you have an existing account-based-marketing list (ABM) list we'll use that one, if you don't, we'll help you create one.

Campaign management

Manage the timelines and deliverables that go into running your campaign so there's little to no project management 'to-dos' for you, we take it all on.

Response generation

Promote the content to your target ABM list across multiple channels including email, social, and search optimization.  We create and execute the media plan for you. 

Regular response delivery

You will get weekly reports of your results to-date via Excel or direct to your CRM system.


Content Marketing Consulting

What are your goals and actions to-date and where do you want to be? We can brainstorm with you on ideas to move forward with content formats, messaging and promotion channels that we see resonating in these challenging times.

Book a Free Content Marketing Consultation and Your Free Offer