Interactive Content Creation


Draw More Buyers to Your Content

Interactive content is 2x more attractive to B2B buyers than static content.  That means you can attract more buyers to your ideas than your competitors who are only using static.


Reading Completion Rates Are Higher

In our campaigns, up to 45% of buyers who start an interactive campaign finish it.  When your content is consumed, it boosts conversion rates.


Interactive is Easy

BloomKing can take your existing static content pieces and convert them for you to assessments, quizzes, calculators, chatbots, and soft-gated white papers.

interactive content - how it works

Assessments are guided questionnaires that give a reader some insight about an aspect of their jobs. They are the closest experience to being across the table from a prospect and asking them about their pain points.

Quizzes and Knowledge Tests

These are a great way to get readers to think about gaps in knowledge that your solution can fill or to come to an understanding of the scope of a problem. They can be serious, or fun and entertaining.

1. Creates curiosity and challenges the reader

2. Collect sales qualifying answers as the reader interacts


Calculators ideal for verifying claims made in your marketing programs for benefits like ROI, or productivity improvements. They are great early outreach tools to help buyers make the case and budget for your solution.

Surveys and Polls

What better way to get insight into a prospect's thinking ​than to ask them directly? In return, they get industry benchmark information they can use in their jobs and planning cycles and to justify purchases.


Are not dead! Chatbots are a great way to ask questions and get detailed, sales-ready answers in real time. Readers who are 'sales averse' will appreciate doing discovery and collecting valuable insight without talking to sales. You can collect the same information you get from an assessment or quiz.

Interactive PDFs

The best way to allow a reader to preview white paper or eBook content before they need to register. By moving the registration gateway into the document itself, you can decide when to ask for contact information. Sales qualifying questions can also be embedded into the document so you can collect insight while providing it.


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