People Based Marketing


Reach People Not Accounts

Enhance a lead by discovering the decision ecosystem around a 1st party lead then run micro-campaigns to convert other buying team members. It starts with ABM but really the goal is People Based Marketing (PBM) with automated discovery, but campaigns run by humans.


Sales Follow-up

To your CRM system any additional buying team members who respond to an offer show up as new leads and are flagged as additional buying team members for sales follow-up.  Sales reps will also get a link to their personal dashboard in the cloud and based on your lead routing rules.


Subscription Model

Because we use a subscription model, there is no additional charge or cap for each incremental buyer we discover and engage.

cost per read

Do you want a reliable flow of high quality leads to delight your sales team? We can help.

Accelerate your buying process through the consistent flow of quality leads backed by interactive content, innovative lead capture tactics, and multi-channel promotion