For Technology Companies Looking to Generate Leads

We'll create a B2B content marketing lead gen machine for you

Do you sell complex products with a longer sales cycle and a high lifetime customer value? You need to be doing content marketing to generate leads. 

You get the entire campaign run for you from creative to media planning and execution.

You get back a consistent flow of high quality leads at the top and middle of your funnel.

If you're considering content marketing to generate leads or want to do it better, we should talk

We've worked with a who's who of technology companies to drive their content marketing lead initiatives including Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe, IBM, and Microsoft.

Now, we can take the same big-budget techniques used by major software companies to drive 1000s of leads and apply them to your seed-funded start-up without having to spend IBM-type money to get results.

You get:

Interactive content creation

95% of modern B2B buyers prefer interactive content to static, PDF white papers.  Just give us your copy/ideas and our team will create beautiful, engaging interactive content pieces for you.

Audience targeting

We'll take your targets and create innovative programs including Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and intent lists.

Campaign management

Includes creative, social management, search, and email delivery

Content promotion/syndication

Promote your content offers to drive registrations/leads across multiple channels including email, social, search and telemarketing.  We create and execute the media plan for you.

Deliver leads to you on a regular basis

Via Excel or direct to your CRM system (we can set up a CRM system for you if you don't have one).

Data and analytics

Create KPIs with a dashboard you can check in real-time and run analytics to improve the program over time

Set up nurturing programs

Email, LinkedIn and telemarketing to convert more leads over time

Ongoing content creation

Use the content we create to generate derivative works such as blog posts, videos, social media posts, and search campaigns.

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