For Technology Companies Looking to Get More Buyers

We'll create a B2B content marketing marketing machine for you

Do you sell complex products with a longer sales cycle and a high lifetime customer value? You need to be doing content marketing to generate leads, show credibility, and be seen as authoritative in your industry.

We can run a complete, comprehensive content marketing program for you.

You get back a consistent flow of high-quality leads, high search rankings, and increased revenue.


Technology Services

Full Service Content Marketing

We'll create a full service offering including keyword and topic generation, on-site content organization, free and paid promotion, and all reporting and analytics to measure results and refine strategy

Audience targeting

We'll take your targets and create innovative programs including Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and intent lists.

Campaign management

Includes authoritative writing in your area of domain expertise, social management, search, and email campaigns.

Content promotion/syndication

Promote your content offers to drive registrations/leads across multiple channels including email, social, search, and telemarketing.  We create and execute the media plan for you.  We'll guarantee the number of high quality, original leads you generate each month.

Deliver leads to you on a regular basis

Via Excel or direct to your CRM system (we can set up a CRM system for you if you don't have one).

Data and analytics

Create KPIs with a dashboard you can check in real-time and run analytics to improve the program over time

Ongoing Keyword and Topic Research

We don't stop.  Over time we'll constantly refine the keywords you rank for and the topics we help you write about.  We'll keep an eye on your competitors to see where they are having success so you can compete at all levels.

Ongoing Content Creation

We're always looking for ways to repurpose your content across different channels and to make sure the influencers in your industry are sharing your best ideas.

I Want More Buyers

Content Marketing Is At The Heart of Digital Marketing

Let's learn more about your growth goals and what you want from a content marketing program. Then, if there's a fit, we will offer to create a free comprehensive, custom content strategy playbook for you.  It's free to keep with no commitments.

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