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The first subscription B2B demand generation service using the latest content marketing & SEO strategies to get your products found by your target buyers

B2B Content Marketing & Demand Generation

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•Guaranteed lead volumes thru free, paid & social syndication channels

•Targeted, full-service opt-in email campaigns 

•Data-driven conversion optimization across all site content

Keywords & Blog Topics: Always be Current

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•Keyword-driven content ideation 

•Never run out of ideas - Original ideas competitors are not writing about

•SEO-First system to earn high search positions & get found by your target buyers  

Content Production & Creative

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•Subject expert copy, creative & production for written, audio & visual content

•Authoritative, 'best effort' content that Google prioritizes

•Technical SEO optimization to make the difference between 1st page and lower-ranking pages


Interactive Experience Concept, Design and Development

Map buyer journeys to the custom creation of assessments, experiential websites, quizzes, interactive PDFs, and calculators. Designed to draw out your prospects' pain points before sales ever speaks with them.


Rich Media Concept Design and Production

Audio, Video, 3D, Animation with interactivity and data gathering coded in.


Content Promotion and Lead Generation

We'll create a media plan to get your content read. You pay on a Cost Per Read basis only if someone engages with your interactive experience. No more papers downloaded to a drive and never read.


Media Buying

Find the right channels, platforms, publishers and audiences to match your ideal or look-alike prospects.


Traditional Content Marketing

Combine all our services to create content marketing campaigns that will provide a reliable flow of high converting leads for your sales team.


Lead Gen Machines

Combine all our services to build the ultimate lead generation machine to drive your revenue to exceed your goals.


Content Websites and Hubs

Interactive sites that personalize content experiences for brands, products, campaigns, or even a single prospect and track all interactions.


Data and Analytics

Measure everything, test & adjust. Set up KPIs for campaigns with custom, real time dashboards.

Use Your Content to Drive Intent & ABM Too!

Every step in our process is designed not just to generate a single lead but to influence entire buying teams.  For ABM & Intent campaigns, we run a micro, buyer-based marketing campaign to deliver your value prop directly to as many team buyers as we can discover.


Generate for you a core lead at one of your ABM targets using organic search and paid syndication


Layer intent data into the campaign to find other buyers in your market at that domain


Use 3rd party data to identify additional potential buyers at the domain


Create a micro buyer-based content-based campaign to target and contact those buyers


Run the campaign based off the media plan to reach and verify more buyers


Since we are not charging on a cost per lead (CPL) but on a subscription, there is no additional cost


Generate a buyer graph or 'org chart' of the committee members we both identified and contacted and deliver them to your CRM system

Buyers who prefer interactive content
Completion rate for interactive
Increase in response rate for interactive
Competitive effectiveness vs static

The BloomKing Way

Fun, Engaging, Educational, Interactive content

We'll put in place an intake system that grabs your target buyers attention early, and engages them with interactive white papers, assessments, quizzes and polls. Interactive content is at the center of what we do.

Innovative lead capture system

Reduce bailout and friction by embedding the lead capture into the content itself. Called 'soft-gating' it's the best way to ensure the right buyers are interacting with your content ideas.

Don't stop at a single lead

For the complex sale, there are always more people working with your 'lead'. Today, there are ways to discover buying committees and influence and engage them before anyone on your team picks up the phone to call.

Align Your Goals for Engagement with our subscription model

Your goal is to engage buyers, not leads. You get so much more with a BloomKing subscription than a lead. You get a process to discover buying teams, approach them with interactive content, which allows you to learn about exactly what they are looking for, before you ever make contact.

Same CPL Budget, Same Marketing Ops Process.

You don't need to find new budget or worry about how the buyers will be integrated into your process under our subscription model. We can work with you to transfer converted buyers according to your current marketing ops process.


Do you want a reliable flow of high quality leads to delight your sales team? We can help.

Accelerate your buying process through the consistent flow of quality leads backed by interactive content, innovative lead capture tactics, and multi-channel promotion