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Cross Channel B2B Content Syndication to Reach Early Buyers

Does your current process repel early buyers?  Hit the chat button and find out.

B2B Demand Generation | Soft-Gate Lead Capture | Interactive Content Creation | ABM | Intent | Content Syndication

Interactive Content Creation
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Interactive creates a 2x boost in response rates. Get more of your buyers earlier and faster.

Audience Generation
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We’ll find and convert your ideal buyers early in their search. Includes ABM and intent.

Cost Per Read
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For deeper funnel leads, we’ll guarantee you only pay for leads that fully engage with your content.

Social Media Marketing
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Beyond email and content syndication, reach your buyers when they are doing social validation research.

Campaign Management
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All aspects of the campaign including creative and execution are included in our Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Read (CPR) programs. Also includes converting static content to interactive.

Digital Marketing Consultation
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For start-ups or larger enterprises looking for a new or fresh approach, we can design a content based lead gen machine for you.

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Interactive Experience Concept, Design and Development

Map buyer journeys to the custom creation of assessments, experiential websites, quizzes, interactive PDFs, and calculators. Designed to draw out your prospects' pain points before sales ever speaks with them.

Rich Media Concept Design and Production

Audio, Video, 3D, Animation with interactivity and data gathering coded in.

Content Promotion and Lead Generation

We'll create a media plan to get your content read. You pay on a Cost Per Read basis only if someone engages with your interactive experience. No more papers downloaded to a drive and never read.

Media Buying

Find the right channels, platforms, publishers and audiences to match your ideal or look-alike prospects.

Traditional Content Marketing

Combine all our services to build the ultimate lead generation machine to drive your revenue to exceed your goals.

Lead Gen Machines

Combine all our services to build the ultimate lead generation machine to drive your revenue to exceed your goals.

Content Websites and Hubs

Interactive sites that personalize content experiences for brands, products, campaigns, or even a single prospect and track all interactions.

Data and Analytics

Measure everything, test & adjust. Set up KPIs for campaigns with custom, real time dashboards.


How we get you sales qualified leads

Every step in our process is designed to remove friction points, where potential buyers typically bailout, and get your content read.


We take your existing content


Convert it to a compelling, educational interactive content piece


Embed your qualifying questions into the reader itself


Create a media plan for you that matches your target audience (Including ABM and intent)


Run the campaign based off the media plan to generate leads


Pay for a lead only if your content gets read and all qualifying questions are answered


Deliver the leads according to your pacing and directly to your CRM system or as an Excel file

Buyers who prefer interactive content
Completion rate for interactive
Increase in response rate for interactive
Competitive effectiveness vs static

The BloomKing Way

Fun, Engaging, Educational, Interactive content

We'll put in place an intake system that grabs your target buyers attention early, and engages them with your content so that you don't have to nurture them.

Cast a Wide Net by Gating Inside the Content

Soft-gate the content to allow significantly more early buyers to access your ideas and all interested buyers to evaluate its usefulness.

Embed Sales Qualifying Questions into the Content

Information collection can be required or optional and asked at any point in the experience. Asking questions at the time buyers are reading content create natural information collection and leads to more truthful answers.

Align Your Goals for Engagement with our Cost Per Read Model

We work with you to determine the best place to set the 'ask' for information, in order to ensure all sales ready questions are answered to meet your SQL lead definition.

We Do The Work, Use Your Existing CPL budget

We can take your existing static content and convert it to interactive and embed the soft gated questions at any point in the reading journey.


Is your content reaching the right buyers? We can help.

Accelerate your buying process through the consistent flow of quality leads backed by layered intent, interactive content, soft-gating strategies and more.