Content Syndication &  Demand Generation

Are you looking to get your content seen by more people?

We can take our content to places you've never been, but that your buyers are looking at every day.

Get Leads At A Guaranteed Price, Volume, and Quality.


Place Your Content In Front of Target Buyers

For B2B Content Syndication, we have a network of over 2 million buyers from which to match your content with the teams looking for solutions in your industry.

You get planning and implementation for all phases of the campaign including email and social media.



Your Audience

When you're trying to build an audience for a new blog or business, it can feel like you've got nothing interesting enough to say.

Getting your content in front of people is hard. You have to think about keywords, SEO, and all the other things that go into getting eyes on your post.


People Based

We'll map a list of buying team members and run micro, People-Based Marketing (PBM) campaigns to convert them to your offers and add them to your pipeline.

We run campaigns at a fixed volume and budget and guarantee the quality of every lead.

How it Works

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Guaranteed Volume & Quality

You get a guaranteed flow of 1st party leads that will match your ABM targets, just like with your legacy CPL model.

We use our process to uncover your additional buying team members at the domains of your first-party responders.

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You’ll get to see where your content is being placed and how it is performing.

For example, for email, we'll show open, click, and conversion data for each content piece.

This will provide valuable insight for any other campaigns you’re running.


Full Service Campaign Management

We set up all creative and media buying plans to ensure you are reaching your targets and required volume.

You get the resulting leads delivered to you at regular intervals.

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